Since always, telling stories is a warm and friendly habit,
but also a powerful tool to communicate, inform and teach.
It’s the easiest and the most immediate way to transfer knowledge

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It’s a digital tale that drives the user to a new, vivid and stimulating path of knowledge, using a simple and immediate language based on drawings, images, words, games, sounds, videos and emotions.

Every Swipe Story uses an innovative storytelling concept that lets the user interact with the tale and the elements that surround him and increases his emotional involvement.

The main tale unfolds through a series of frames that compose a sort of ribbon. Going from one scene to another simply swiping a finger on a touchscreen, the user unfolds the ribbon and experiences the whole story.

To enrich the emotional dimension, the transitions are characterized by a parallax effect that gives depth to the scenes.

In addition to this, the possibility to insert in each frame so many points of interest as the authors wish allowing them to develop the plot over the story and the users to divert from the story and wander freely through the contents.

Swipe Stories are developed using Unity3D framework and are available for mobile and desktop systems.


We are a multidisciplinary bunch of storytelling experts, digital artists and professionals of the ICT sector, committed to develop innovative user-oriented tools based on a mix of new languages, technologies and creativity, aimed at a fruitful interaction with museums and cultural sites. The most important result developed by the team is the SWIPE STORY CREATOR, an authoring tool that allows any author to use the SWIPE STORY methodology to create high quality digital stories in a short time and at a minimal cost.


A SWIPE STORY can support a wide range of narrative solutions, allowing the authors to fully express the development of their creative ideas with the most different languages. It is easy to realize one, whoever you are. Anyway we propose a wide array of solutions depending on customer needs, in which our team can act different roles:

  • as an enabler: activating and managing technical resources necessary to sustain the content production workflow for an external author.

  • as an author: conceiving, developing and publishing SWIPE STORIES from scratch to distribution for a third party (a museum, an institution, a company, ...).

  • as an advisor: sustaining the application of the SWIPE STORY methodology and helping the creation of a new story conceived by an author of third party

  • as a publisher: editing and publishing SWIPE STORIES realized by the team itself.

  • as a software tool producer: developing the SWIPE STORY CREATOR.


Our ambition is to broad the application of the SWIPE STORY methodology to every possible application context also beyond the management of cultural and heritage resources. The actual challenge is to imagine how a better ability to narrate can create value for individuals, businesses and for the society as a whole. In future we want to continue to widen and enrich our knowledge bringing the methodology of narrative SWIPE STORY in other contexts such as:

  • Teaching: for the production of interactive training material;

  • Editorial production: for a new generation of interactive e-books;

  • Temporary exhibitions and cultural events;

  • Company and product communication;

  • Territorial promotion;

In short: wherever there is a story to tell!


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