The fascinating history of Villa Rufolo, created by Swipe Story Team, with its ancient buildings and marvelous gardens, hide many curiosities and secret past events to explore. Across ten centuries important characters lived or stayed in Villa Rufolo. At the beginning of the 20th century, Sir Francis Nevile Reid, the owner of the residence, and his gardener gave a new spring to the abandoned and ruined Villa Rufolo. Let's follow them around the Villa!

The app offers:

  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • dialogs and comics
  • insights and curiosities
  • simple and informal drawings and graphic contents
  • cards with brief and clear contents

With just few simple gestures you can begin the tour of Villa Rufolo discovering its ancient architectures as towers, the 18th century cloister, the romantic 19th century gardens and the belvedere. "New spring of Villa Rufolo" is participating in DARTS contest (Digital Art and Storytelling for Heritage Audience Development), an international competition for creatives. The goal of the DARTS project is to collect stories about historical places and characters and tell them in innovative and creative ways.

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